Happy birthday

Dear dad,


I wish you a happy 54th birthday!

Today I thought a lot about you. More than usually.

I tried to find a memory I cherish most, a funny anecdote. But I couldn’t find one. There was no story that I remember very well.

However, I do remember many things:

I remember the way you styled my hair (just put in lots of hair clips and make small tails) – our “bandit hairdo”.

I remember driving bike with you, sometimes really long tours. I remember buying gladioli with you for mom after bike tours. I remember when we once had an encounter with a goose family on a bike tour and how the gander tried to attack us.

I remember playing badminton with you in the courtyard. I remember you mowing the lawn (I loved the smell of it).

I remember you eating peanuts – and when I discovered that we eat them the same way: First eating the halved ones, then the complete ones.

I remember our staring contests. Sometimes I won but most of the times you made me laugh and I was glad for losing.

I remember shaving with you. You shaved your real beard, I my imaginary one. I loved when you applied the shaving foam on my face and choosing and aftershave afterwards was always so much fun!

I remember the night you gave me “Papa Bär”. I remember when I wanted to give him back to you a couple years ago – and how you told me, that he’s mine and you want me to keep him.

I remember when you had to stay at home and during my lunch breaks, when I went home, how we drank coffee together and talked and I loved it. I loved every single story you told me.

I remember your hugs. I remember the smell of you. And everytime I see the colour yellow I immediately think of you. Also when I see roses.

I wish I could have given you a better present than one lousy daffodil I stole from a front garden…

I feel like thinking of you and remembering you is one of the greatest gifts I can give to you. And at the same time I feel like I’m letting you down, because I don’t remember every single story you ever  told me and I don’t have a funny anecdote I could tell.

My gift to you is this promise: I promise to you, that I will never ever forget you, I will always love and cherish you and every thing and every memory you gave to me. I will care for mom and my brothers and your parents.

I hope that one day we’ll see each other again and we’ll be able to celebrate your birthday together. As a whole family.



your favourite daughter Mareike


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