My Graduation Prank

Hello there,


So, there was no “Dad’s cancer” on Wednesday, because we had our graduation prank.

It was one of the things we looked forward to as kids, but when the time came near, we all started to doubt it would be as awesome as we had hoped.


Our plan:

The motto of our graduation was: “Genius and Insanity”.  So we wanted our prank to have this as a motto too.

At the beginning there were a lot of ideas, for example to have a bouncy castle in the school, but most of these ideas were discarded soon.

The big, new idea was to decorate the school as an asylum.  The graduators should dress either as patients or as doctors.


How it actually went:

We met at Tuesday evening to start with decorating.  Before that some friends of mine and me met to… get into the right mood. (I actually have pictures of us, but they’re all far too embarrassing 😉 )

Somehow I must have stepped into a shard, because by the time we were at school and I checked why my foot hurt, my whole foot was bloody.

After my foot was treated, I could start decorating too.

And by decorating I mean throwing toilet paper through the school.  This was actually most of the prank.  Very original.

There were also some signs with funny slogans or puns on them, but I wasn’t very impressed with the decoration.

I dressed as a mixture of Harley Quinn and Joker (I thought the make-up of the Joker was cooler, so I put that on) and was quite content with it.  Especially  because the rest of the graduators just wore some torn shirts or white coats (I’m still sorry I didn’t took any pictures of mycostume, it looked awesome).

Later we made all the other students play games against their teachers, which was rather boring.


The end:

It ended with a barbeque with some of the teachers, but most went home soon.

We had the time of our lifes, drinking, eating and talking and enjoying this last day at school.  I was a bit sad, to be honest.


(Me and two of my friends at the BBQ.  To protect their privacy I photoshopped their faces. But you can still see all of our smiling faces.  Well, and my weird one^^)


This was our graduation prank, which was more of a fail and disappointment in my opinion.


Have you got any experiences with graduation pranks?

Feel free to leave a comment!




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