My Cherished Object – Cherished Blogfest

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Today’s post is a bit different from my other posts.  This post is about the Cherished Blogfest, hosted by Damyanti, Dan Antion, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena and Sharukh Bamboat.  Important is to keep your posts to a maximum of 500 words.


Finding the most cherished object in my possession was rather easy, because it’s something that belonged to my father.

Let me introduce to you: Papa Bär!


“Papa” is german for “dad” and “Bär” means “bear”.

I remember how I got him like it happened some weeks ago:

When I was a small girl I always needed a cloth in my arms to fall asleep.  Loosing this cloth was rather easy and I drooled a lot on it (eww).

At this particular night, there was a terrible thunderstorm and I was scared to death.  I was never scared of tunderstorms, but my cloth was in the laundry.  So I went to  my dad and he gave me Papa Bär.

I love the story, how my dad got him:

When he was about 22 years old, he went into this shop and there sat this teddy on one of  the shelfs and stared at him with his wonderful eyes.  My dad felt like he said to him “Buy me! Please…”.  It was like love at first sight.

As a young teddy bear Papa Bär was very fluffy and didn’t look this damaged.  My dad used to say he looks like “someone loves him a lot“.  And that’s the truth.  Since I’m a small girl I need this teddy to fall asleep.  Okay, I don’t necessarily need him, but having him in my arms is comforting and I love his smell (he smells a bit like my dad).

Papa Bär is not only a gift from my dad, he’s not only helping me to fall asleep, but also brings back childhood memories.  When I was young I pretended I’d marry him or that he’s my child and I christened him. He kept the other cuddly toys in check, because they had respect for him and wouldn’t dare making him angry (he’s a bear after all).

I could never give him away, let alone throw him away!

And I will never forget how my dad smiled, when he saw this teddy in my arms.  I brought Papa Bär to him before he had to go into the hospice, so they could say goodbye to each other.  It was his teddy after all and I’m deeply grateful he bought him and later gave him to me.

I feel closest to my dad with this teddy in my arms.

My 22 years old dad would have never thought he would buy such an important cuddly toy when he entered this shop.



I hope you enjoyed this story, even though it was a bit different than my usual posts 🙂

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Dad’s cancer – Ask questions!

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This is another part of my series about my dad’s cancer. You can find the first part here.


Knowing that you or someone you love will die because of cancer is horrible.  You’re aware that your time together is limited.

One of the most important things during this time is to ask questions!

I wanted to know as much about my dad as I could, I wanted him to tell me stories about his life and why he did certain things.

Is there a thing you always wanted to know about your loved one?  Then don’t be shy!

I’d love to have known if my dad had ever intended to get a tattoo.  I never asked him.  On the other hand, if he ever would have intended to get one, he would have had one.

I was also at first angry with myself for not asking him, how he thought about me getting a tattoo.  But I know that he wouldn’t object to anything I do (if it’s not illegal or immoral), as long as I’m happy.  He always supported me, no matter what I did and I  miss this a lot.

Keep in mind, that if you don’t ask questions now, you’ll never get the chance to ask them again!

As long as they’re not weird or intimate I’m sure your loved doesn’t mind answering them – on the contrary!  If you’re showing interest it will make them very happy.


I hope I could help you with this.

Please feel free to leave a comment.



My Graduation Prank

Hello there,


So, there was no “Dad’s cancer” on Wednesday, because we had our graduation prank.

It was one of the things we looked forward to as kids, but when the time came near, we all started to doubt it would be as awesome as we had hoped.


Our plan:

The motto of our graduation was: “Genius and Insanity”.  So we wanted our prank to have this as a motto too.

At the beginning there were a lot of ideas, for example to have a bouncy castle in the school, but most of these ideas were discarded soon.

The big, new idea was to decorate the school as an asylum.  The graduators should dress either as patients or as doctors.


How it actually went:

We met at Tuesday evening to start with decorating.  Before that some friends of mine and me met to… get into the right mood. (I actually have pictures of us, but they’re all far too embarrassing 😉 )

Somehow I must have stepped into a shard, because by the time we were at school and I checked why my foot hurt, my whole foot was bloody.

After my foot was treated, I could start decorating too.

And by decorating I mean throwing toilet paper through the school.  This was actually most of the prank.  Very original.

There were also some signs with funny slogans or puns on them, but I wasn’t very impressed with the decoration.

I dressed as a mixture of Harley Quinn and Joker (I thought the make-up of the Joker was cooler, so I put that on) and was quite content with it.  Especially  because the rest of the graduators just wore some torn shirts or white coats (I’m still sorry I didn’t took any pictures of mycostume, it looked awesome).

Later we made all the other students play games against their teachers, which was rather boring.


The end:

It ended with a barbeque with some of the teachers, but most went home soon.

We had the time of our lifes, drinking, eating and talking and enjoying this last day at school.  I was a bit sad, to be honest.


(Me and two of my friends at the BBQ.  To protect their privacy I photoshopped their faces. But you can still see all of our smiling faces.  Well, and my weird one^^)


This was our graduation prank, which was more of a fail and disappointment in my opinion.


Have you got any experiences with graduation pranks?

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Dad’s cancer – The importance of listening to stories

This is part of a series about my dad’s cancer (as the title says). You can find the first post here.


It sounds a bit weir d, but today I want to tell you how important stories can be when someone’s about to die.

Stories are important in general to get to know a person better.

When my dad couldn’t go to work, because he had chemo, we drank coffee every Tuesday and Friday around noon.  I had school, but a long lunch break at these days so I came home.

Then I made us some coffee, sometimes we found some cookies in the kitchen and then we sat at the kitchen table and just talked.

We talked about simple and normal things, like how school had been, but the best thing was when he told me stories about his childhood or youth.

My father had been very funny and freedom-loving as a young adult.

I loved listening to his stories, whether they were about a prank or something more serious, for example when he had seen the body of a biker (he had been a biker himself).

I’ve still got the feeling I should know a lot more about him and that there are so many other stories I will never know about.

With these stories he told me I’ve got the feeling it’s a bit easier to keep him in memory as he was.

Also I could see how he had changed – from a wild guy to a caring man.

A piece of advice from me:  Listen to the stories your parents/grandparents tell you.  They want to share something of their history with you.  You can learn a lot from them and will always smile when you remember them.


Feel free to ask questions and to leave a comment!