Dad’s cancer – The horrors of therapy

This is the third part of the series about my dad’s cancer.  You can find the first part here.


I don’t remember any details about the therapies my dad went through.  He had radiation treatment and, of course, lost a lot of hair due to it.

He also had to take various pills, some against epileptic seizures which could occur.  Others were supposed to stop him from puking, which was the side effect of his chemo therapy.

During all this time my dad never really felt great or fit.  He was mostly tired and grumpy, but who wouldn’t if you had to endure such a process?

My father had a cousin who had connections to some guys at an institute and they studied brain cancers and how to heal this special kind of brain cancer he had – glioblastoma.

So he participated in a clincial study to see if their medicine would work.  It didn’t.

He tried another one.  It didn’t work either.

A third one didn’t accept him, because his tumour wasn’t big enough (sounds crazy, right?).

I think all those therapies were probably the worst thing during all this time.  You could see how they affected him.

Nonetheless, he endured them, because he knew they would give him a bit more time.

My father hated that he couldn’t go to work during the chemo.  He had had a new job since a few months and was lucky enough to have an absolutely awesome boss, who gave him as much leave with pay as he needed.  He knew my dad wouldn’t work there for a long time, but he supported him anyway.  In fact, he even gave us our dad’s pay for the month he died.  He gave us the full pay even though my father died at the end of March and never had been at work the whole month.

We’re still thankful my father had such a great employer, who was even a bit more than just his boss.  They were kinda friends.

That was one of my dad’s talents – to make friends wherever he went.


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