Hello there :)

Hello and welcome to my small blog!

I can’t believe I’m finally publishing my first post!

I struggled long with myself and wasn’t sure if I should dare this, but I made my mind up.

This blog is mainly for myself, I doubt anyone will ever stumble upon it. However, I’m still nervous.

If you’re reading this right now, it means someone actually DID stumble upon my blog, so feel welcome 🙂

But now, enough chit-chat. Here’s some stuff about myself:

My name is Mareike, I’m a young adult and I’m currently going through a phase where I have to make a lot of decisions. The main reason why I started this blog is because my father died 10 weeks ago. I want to keep him in honour and I’d love people to know about him. He’s my hero.

I want to share some memories with you people out there.

But I also want to help you wherever I can and give you the advice I whish somebody had given me and I want to share my experiences with you.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it here 🙂





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